Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It Been AWHILE . . .

I loved blogging.  I miss it.  I still add to the site occasionally, but I am thinking of becoming more active and resume blogging.  It helped me mentally sort things out and a lot of people seemed to enjoy our antics.  Look for me soon!

Friday, January 18, 2013


I'm not Dr Phil or Jesus Christ and those are the only ones that can help them.

Saturday, December 22, 2012


a bang this year but we still won't have a white Christmas as it will all melt off by Monday.  Just glad we didn't get the 1-3 or 2-4 that were both predicted at times during the times leading up to the  Friday-Saturday snow and wind event.  Got maybe and inch or so of snow, but the wind was as bad as predicted, blowing stuff off the porch that I have never had blow down.  It blew in a different direction than what it normally does.  It's still pretty cold this evening, 28 at 7:30.

Time of year that we have to start feeding the horses again.  Mom takes morning duty and I do it in the evening.  Cricket is such a witch but was pretty good this evening, although she decided she was going to eat at Sonny's feeder.

The state road actually came out and put sand/salt on our road and on the hill this afternoon so I can drive the truck outta here tonight.  Going to go see my friend Nicole at Must Be 21 and watch Big Bang Theory with her and chat. I have been house bound for almost a week due to the truck being in the shop and the roads being bad last night and the weather deteriorating when I got the truck back, I came straight home.

I read in the Farmer's Almanac several weeks back that skunks were supposed to be hibernating.  There are two dead along the 4-lane road I take to and from South Parkersburg (only 1/4 mile long).  (hey, this blog is about Life in WV)  With the weather being about normal this fall, just a tad drier than normal until about 10 days ago, I found that strange.  One was at the top of the hill going in town and then I saw the other at the bottom of the hill coming back.  Made me think they were trying to find each other and go off and hibernate together.  Don't know why I thought that, just did.  They don't hibernate long as they come out to mate in February I think?  How do I know this random information?  You will have to read more of my blog.  If you can't find it leave a comment, I fill find a link to the story . . .


"hanitizer" -- Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer

"activity scene" -- nativity scene

(phone rings) "I don't feel like talking right now . . ."

during a conversation with Joey Weltner:

"Why is Mommy going to the Mall?"
 "I think Mom wants to do some Christmas shopping"
"She should just go to Wal-Mart; they just have low prices"

"you should talk to only your doctor about quitting" "and you can talk to your mama"

"you should take all that stuff out and just put a piece of WALL there." --in reference to broken outlet

"WHO ARE YOU?!?!"  -- to Cody, Hanna's BF, when he walked into Bridgette's house the first time she met him (my shy daughter!)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


officially on 21st of December at 6:12am, the earliest winter since, get this, 1896.  Only two more days before the long shaft of darkness, from dwindling daylight that has been enshrouding around us menacingly the past several weeks especially, will begin the long decent backwards towards Summer Solstice. The rain and clouds have made it especially worse I believe, although, because of my SAD the clouds and rain may have seemed more generous than I give credit.

Not that the lightening of the days will help much with warmth.  The worse of the weather is yet to come that is for sure.

I have been working on the house still.  Trying to get things organized on the outside and inside.  The major setback from this past summer was horrible but things are looking much better on all fronts right now.

Charleigh is tumbling; cheerleading is over until next spring if she makes the team.  Joey and Natasha gave her a Wii for Christmas and she is getting games from Mom and Santa (Momey).  She is doing really well in the first grade with her teacher.